PRN Interior Design specializes in everything from full interior design services to project consultation.  Our mission is to elevate your vision and find a way to realize it. 

With our trademark use of natural textures, PRN Interior Design makes any space feel familiar.  A foundation in contemporary design, paired with a love of all things vintage, creates our very own signature aesthetic, which cannot be duplicated.  Whether it’s residential or commercial, we’ve mastered the art of producing a fresh and clean space that is relatable and productive, while serving as a true extension of your own personality or goals.  Whatever the concept, PRN Interior Design uniquely allows the client to become the inspiration.  We don’t design what we want…we design what you want.

What Sets Us Apart:

PRN Interior Design offers a can-do, easy-going attitude to every client, putting even the most nervous of renovators at ease.  With a task-oriented and prevailing resourcefulness, we understand how to accomplish goals practically.  Our design concepts universally possess a grounded realism that works within any price range, so whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-line renovation or just repurposing your own items, we will listen and accommodate.  Regardless of any budget, project size, or timetable, PRN Interior Design will work to create a space that speaks to you. 

About Our Founder:

Designer Julia Petiprin is seamless in aesthetic and execution.  Her final product promises an amalgam of her own playfulness, the client’s taste, and surprises that can only come from the relationship of the two. 

 Coming from humble beginnings in a family of carpenters, contractors, and tradesmen, Julia comfortably walks the line between outsourcing top-notch contractors and getting the job done herself, saying, “I’m never afraid to get my hands dirty.”  Julia’s intangible ability to work within any budget and deliver on all a client’s needs, all the while maintaining an approachable and fun-loving attitude, truly sets her apart.  “It is of paramount importance to listen to a client’s ideas and let their personality be the guide,” she preaches.  “I always allow someone’s individuality to direct the environment we create, and then add in a little something unexpected…something that intrigues or excites them; something they’d never pick out for themselves.”

 Julia was one of ten finalists in FIDM’s Chairing Styles exhibition, and graduated from their prestigious Interior Design program.  She accepts projects in Los Angeles, California and Cincinnati, Ohio.